About & What is DE SOPHEA

DE SOPHEA is a local fashion brand that provides multiple ranges of cloth designs. This brand keep up with the latest fashion, which are high quality, and yet, affordable. It is probably the amalgamation of all these qualities that made DE SOPHEA, the Malaysia clothing brand become the go-to fashion brand for all from different ages, backgrounds and lifestyles.

History and Founder

It all began when former DE SOPHEA founder, initiated women’s apparel retail back in the year 1998. On 2016, he started off a small boutique that was named as DE SOPHEA, Puchong. He then decided with family members to produce their own fashion label as DE SOPHEA. And that’s how the one of Malaysia’s favorite fashion brand of today was born. DE SOPHEA slowly expanded its empire from through recruited drop shippers, agents and other vendor boutique nationwide. DE SOPHEA also aims by 2020, this brand will become famous amongst other Malaysia Fashion Brands and known worldwide. Today, DE SOPHEA has a proper distributed channel through agents and aiming to have local concept stores all across the country.

Vision and Mission

The vision of the DE SOPHEA is to be one of the most lucrative and leading local fashion brand in Malaysia and worldwide. DE SOPHEA aspires to be a global leader in the fashion retail and wholesale industry with the highest standards in design, manufacturing, quality, customer service, branding and innovation. DE SOPHEA also aims to create modest and exquisite fashion consciousness that is stylish yet affordable and Syariah compliance within it’s brand niches. DE SOPHEA looks forward for penetrating global market with it’s own uniqueness and features.

Activities & Award


  • Featured on Harian Metro & Kosmo Newspapers.
  • Featured in Hijab Magazine (November Edition, 2017)
  • Received an award from Malaysia Website Award: Site of the month on E-Commerce Category (Online Fashion)


  • Featured on Nona TV3: Raya Fashion Show by Daramera.
  • Joined Raya Fashion Show organized by Daramera (April, 2018)
  • Joined Brunei Raya Bonanza Expo (June, 2018)
  • Joined KL RAYA FEST MOODREPUBLIK (June, 2018)
  • Collaborated with Ombre’ Boutique for BRIDESMAID COLLECTION and joined Fashion Show at Manchester City (October, 2018)