DE SOPHEA is a local fashion brand that provides multiple ranges of cloth designs. This brand keep up with the latest fashion, which are high quality, and yet, affordable. It is probably the amalgamation of all these qualities that made DE SOPHEA, the Malaysia clothing brand become the go-to fashion brand for all from different ages, backgrounds and lifestyles


  • DE SOPHEA  brand is well-established and fully-operated under DE SOPHEA HQ.
  • Our Agent Baju/reseller/Baju Raya 2021 will get good commission rate based on items sold.
  • We have established and proper support team that will guide, share and communicate direct to our
    agent baju /resellers/Baju Raya 2021.
  • We have functional/specific team that will liase with the agents/resellers on-thespot/direct. Frequent update will be seen in support group
  • PRODUCT KNOWLEDGE: We provide agents/reseller latest information (new item/promotions/product descriptions) and also media (photos/videos) based on collections released and agents/resellers can retrieve/access all the items provided via Whatsapp group, Dropbox, Telegram and other accessible clouds.
  • FAST DELIVERY: Our shipping process is simple. Shipping/Delivery is everyday except public holidays, or stated otherwise. We ship items that has been processed (after payment verification) by 4.00pm.
  • TRUSTED/AUTOMATIC SYSTEM: Customers can track the parcel tracking via his/her email update. We selected and used established courier services that will give you fast delivery service!
  • BEST-RECOMMENDED PRODUCT & TRUSTED BRAND: We have thousands over repeated/regular customers from North to South region of Malaysia that satisfied buying and donning our products. Our products are suitable for different ages and sizes!

DE SOPHEA Agent Baju

How To Join

Website link

  • Go to our website www.desophea.com
  • Click to “JOIN US” tab (top of the website)
  • Read all the content “BE PART OF US, DE SOPHEA TEAM!”
  • Proceed to register as reseller/agent of De Sophea by fill in all the necessary details in the online form
  • You will receive our reply within 24-hour time and your application will considered successful upon the reply through E-mail/whatsapp

Whatsapp link (Fast action !)

1) Contact us as Agent Baju/Reseller directly by whatsapp us at +6017-8502098 (De Sophea HQ)
2) Please introduce yourself and and provide your details (Name, Contact No., Email address, Facebook & Instagram ID)
3) You will receive our reply within 24-hour time and your application will considered successful upon the reply through E-mail/whatsapp

Reseller/Agent Terms & Conditions

Reseller/Dropship: No registration fee is needed
Agent/Stockist: RM50 fee is needed and you will receive De Sophea premium scarf as a token of appreciation. The fee is once in a lifetime

What Reward You

  •  MONTHLY AWARD: Resellers/agents who achieve monthly target sales will receive special rewards from De Sophea HQ (example: Gold Ring/Bracelet/Necklace and Gift Voucher) – if 30 resellers achieved target sales, all 30 resellers are entitled for the gift/rewards.
  • FREE COACHING & GUIDANCE: Resellers/agents will be guided from time to time so that De Sophea can tract the resellers’ activities, performances, and will receive premium access to De Sophea HQ to retrieve and collect the stocks. We provide experienced support group that cater all your needs to deal and close sales with customers.

By Signing Up

    • Both parties are agreed to provide relevant document (details: IC copy, SSM reg. no.)
    • If we notice any faulty, irrelevance of product information, wrong-doing during business execution regarding our products (DE SOPHEA’s), we have authority to expel the reseller/agent from our team
    • Any plagiarism/fabrication of DE SOPHEA’s products is STRICTLY PROHIBITED. Any product imitation, modification will be imposed to legal action
    • LIABILITY: DE SOPHEA HQ does not responsible to any loss, product damage after reseller leave our premises/HQ
    • Reseller/Agent must get her/his authorized ID before promoting/selling DE SOPHEA products
    • Reseller/Agent is agreed to sell following standard price (depending on latest price update)
    • Contract is considered end if the reseller/agent is not active for more than 2 months

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